There are several distinctive features of e-sports making it outstanding in comparison to other sport betting disciplines.

Frequency of games. In some competitions and games, teams may play multiple matches in a row. Even if not, there are always enough matches in bookmakers, but there are no major world championships that would last the entire season and in which regularities can be found – this is a big drawback;

Information. If in gambling on football or basketball, we may not know whether an athlete will play or not, until the very starting whistle, then in e-sports such secrets are usually not kept, and news quickly spreads across social networks;

Statistics. It is possible to calculate success rates not only on green fields and parquet floors: there are many sites keeping statistics of all kinds of e-sports games, so it will not be a problem to analyze a match before placing a bet;

Broadcasts. Matches are broadcasted on all kinds of venues, many people stream where they comment on the streams of others – and this is normal in esports. As with the availability of data, with this there is complete openness;

Item bets. It is not necessary to spend real money, even if they give you a bet of 10 dollars or more.

Is it possible to earn in e-sports bets?

Unlike other sports, e-sports do not depend on geographical factors or seasons. Therefore, computer competitions occur frequently and their frequency increases rapidly. It gives you a wider field of opportunities to win.
E-sports is almost not inferior to traditional disciplines, neither in the intensity of passions, nor in the scale of events, nor in the size of the stakes. Accordingly, having studied all aspects and subtleties of a certain e-sports discipline, you can bet and win money.
It is important to choose a good bookmaker’s office. The bookmaker’s functionality is notable for its convenience and some other nuances. However, players choose a betting site not by the interface, but by the presence of an e-sports game and their most-liked team of gamers that participate in the championship. Extended list, higher than average odds, low commission – additional advantages in favor of bookmakers.

Which computer game to choose for winning bets?

It all depends solely on the interests and comprehension of the game of those who bet. If you are more attracted to the classic shooter, it makes sense to start being interested in matches in Counter-Strike. If it’s easier for you to determine the strongest player in strategy, you should take a look at the StarCraft 2 championships. The rising star of e-sports is now the Valorant shooter.