Esports has the backbone of the most popular games: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends. It is in these eSports disciplines that the most tournaments are held, at the largest of which the winners earn millions, and it is not at all a problem to find statistics and videos of past performances to bet on.
If you play one of these games, keep getting carried away and do not switch: it will only develop. If esports is still far from you, but you are firmly sure to bet on it, pay attention to these games, download one and go through the training to be aware of what is happening in it.

How to select and analyze an esports event?

Once you have decided on the type of esports, choose a tournament. Competitions are held according to different rules, so be sure to read about them, and then choose a match. Perhaps the favorite team has already passed to the next stage and will play relaxed in the upcoming game, and if you know about this, you can catch a high coefficient for outsiders. In addition to motivation, look at other factors that can affect play:

  • Team form. Before betting, view the results of the latest matches and the results of previous tournaments where groups participated. After failed performances, it often happens that the next players prepare better and take higher places;
  • Team members. In esports, teamwork is very important: players train for more than half a day and know each other very well. But if one of them cannot participate in the tournament or moves to another side, the whole squad needs to get used to the new player, and this reduces the chances of success;
  • Face-to-face meetings. If you focus only on recent matches, you can overlook the fact that some teams find it difficult to play against specific opponents;
  • Motivation. It is influenced by face-to-face meetings and the importance of competition. At a major tournament, players try harder than at a local one. The same can happen if the team has already passed to the next stage and there is nothing left to play a decisive match;
  • Place of the game. There are online and offline tournaments. In the first, you can participate even from home, and in the second, teams come to one place and perform there. Some play better at home, while others thrive in offline tournaments;
  • Game updates. Game developers can change maps, improve and degrade the abilities of characters, introduce something new.

All these factors are important while betting on cybersport events. If you learn all available data about this type of betting, you will be able to succeed in this activity!