E-sports is a fast-growing and evolving discipline around the world. Now, apparently, it is not inferior to traditional sports in terms of passion, emotions, experiences, as well as awards. In the past, cyber games were considered a child’s play. And now more and more people of different ages, views, and interests are involved in esports industry. Moreover, new video games are appearing, in which the entry threshold is quite low. Computer games are becoming popular among girls as well. And it expands the potential audience.
Before you start betting on e-sports, get acquainted with the games. You will need to delve into the essence of the game and understand its basic mechanics.
Pay attention to e-sports statistics and analytics. Often this is much more important than the gameplay itself, the entertainment, and the personal qualities of the gamers themselves.
Weighing all aspects, you can choose certain tactics of esports betting. The ability to prioritize correctly will be a very useful skill when betting on e-sports.

What bets on cybersport exist?

To bet on the cybersport, you have to know what kinds of stakes you can place:

  • On the result;
  • For total by the total number of cards;
  • By rounds;
  • On the exact number of cards;
  • On a win at a certain level;
  • On a specific card account.

How to choose a bookmaker for esports betting?

Sometimes it is not so easy to choose an online bookmaker. First, you should pay attention to the size of the margin. Margin is the percentage of each transaction held by the company. This is the guaranteed profit of the bookmaker. Normal rates are about 5 percent in prematch and 7-9 percent in live.

Not less important aspects are:

  • the number of disciplines in the line;
  • availability of round-the-clock technical support;
  • modern systems of non-cash financial transactions;
  • special esports results, for example, a kill with a knife, grenade, Molotov cocktail, first Kill, total by rounds and others;
  • availability of a mobile application or mobile version of the site;
  • a varied bonus program.

What are esports advantages?

Online esports betting is offered in almost all existing bookmakers. In addition, in recent years, such companies have appeared that position their own capabilities exclusively in the eSports discipline. E-sports gambling sites stand out especially, but users will can register on the gaming portal.
Some gamesters offer customers to place bets on eSports with skins. This means that you can make a deposit not with standard currency, but with items from the Steam inventory. But the cost of individual items is very high. It is easy to find knives or hero nets with prices over $10,000 on the marketplace. Account replenishment is carried out through a proven service, where the skin is converted into real money at the market rate.