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even matchup gaming

A wholly-owned New Wave Esports subsidiary, EMG is devoted to supporting the gaming industry and individual gamers as both seek to reach the next level, Even Matchup Gaming produces up to 80 events a year and original content to highlight the compelling stories of the fighting game community, represents Canada’s top Super Smash Bros. talent, and produces the largest Canadian Super Smash Bros. events, Get On My Level and Let’s Make Big Moves, that broadcasts to a worldwide audience via Twitch and YouTube.

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A wholly-owned New Wave Esports subsidiary, Thunderbolt CDG is a software applications and technology development company that has provided services for 40+ startup companies.

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A New Wave Esports minority stake investment, Talon is a professional esports team operator in Asia providing a supportive platform to elevate its players to compete at the highest levels in triple-A gaming titles. Talon’s vision is to provide the highest standards for competitive coaching, player frameworks, integrity and culture in esports.

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A New Wave Esports minority stake investment, Tiidal Gaming is an esports organization that owns and operates Canada’s premier esports team, Lazarus, one of the highest-grossing teams in the world. Tiidal has deep roots in esports dating back to 2010 when their team, Lazarus, was founded as SetToDestroyX and became one of Canada’s first esports brands. They are a platform company focused on becoming the most culturally relevant esports company in the world with three core areas of focus: Esports, Entertainment, and Ecosystem.

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A New Wave Esports minority stake investment, PlayLine is a daily fantasy sports betting platform, co-founded by UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, with two-time NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert as their Investor/Strategic Partnerships Manager. PlayLine’s goal is to make fantasy sports for everyone – by simplifying the process, focusing on the super star players you know and love, and by offering the biggest cash prizes in all of daily fantasy sports.

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Luckbox via Avatar One Esports Capital Corp.

A New Wave Esports minority stake investment, Avatar One Esports is an esports acquisition vehicle. Avatar has invested in Real Time Games Holdings Limited, owners and operators of Luckbox. Luckbox is an esports wage betting platform.

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