New Wave Esports


We are an acquisition, investment, and technology development company with the goal of elevating the entire industry of esports and competitive gaming. 

We provide capital and support services to esports organizations, teams, leagues, event platforms, tools, and technology innovators. 


Our Story

Our shared passion for and the belief that the world of esports is just barely tapped for opportunity is what brought the New Wave Esports team together with the goal of elevating the entire industry through acquisitions, investments, and technology development. 

Each one of New Wave Esports’ leaders is an expert, industry veteran in what they do and vital to our success. We know this industry inside and out and see where there is growth happening now and where there will be in the near and far future. 

The more people investing in the industry, the bigger and better it will become and that is why we want to help people invest their money smartly in the verticals that have the most promise for a return. 

We are not your traditional financial group. If you want to put your money into the world of esports, New Wave Esports is here to assist. Helping grow and shape this industry we love while benefiting from its continued success is why we exist.  

Company Focus

Teams, Leagues, Organizations

We've invested in and continue to invest in major esports organizations and teams. 

Events, Activations, Experiential

We are investing in esports-specific events, public and private activations, and innovative experiences.

Platforms, Networks, Tools

We are investing in globally recognized competitive gaming networks, platforms, and esports tools.

Acquisitions & Investments


Thunderbolt CDG

Founded by two gaming industry veterans in Los Angeles, Thunderbolt CDG is building the future of competitive gaming.


Thunderbolt Creative Digital Gaming

Thunderbolt CDG is a software applications and technology development company. The company was transformed into a gaming venture and platform  in 2018. 



PlayLine’s mission is to provide daily fantasy sports for everyone – by simplifying the process, focusing on the star players you know and love, and by offering great cash prizes via mobile app and web experiences. PlayLine is partnering with Twitch Rivals in order to innovate the esports betting market in the near future.

PlayLine Introduction

Chris Meaney is joined by Aaron Avruskin, Co-Founder of PlayLine, to discuss what the future holds for his company and how the average fan can log on to their site and, in just minutes, win cash for free.


Even Matchup Gaming

Toronto-based leading esports organizer, broadcaster, and player management company that facilitates online and live tournaments and leagues.

Get On My Level 2019 Trailer - Canada's Biggest Competitive Fighting Game Tournament

With more than 1,300 competitors registered to compete across Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Tekken 7, this year's event will deliver an incredible experience for esports and gaming fans in Toronto and globally for those tuning into the livestreams on


Tiidal Gaming

Canada-based professional esports and entertainment organization with a track record of success in competitive gaming, emerging esports markets, and operational excellence through ownership and management of professional teams.

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