Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We are not your traditional financial group.

New Wave Esports connects capital with great esports businesses. Helping grow and shape this industry we love while benefiting from its continued success is why we exist.


Our goal with investments is to build a diversified portfolio of holdings where we can contribute to a company that is scaling, growing their audiences, developing new technology, need the capital to successfully enter their growth phase, or to rocket into their profitability phase. Our investment arm is a channel for those who want to get into esports, but are not experts or do not have the funds to make large investments themselves. We’re also great for institutions looking for exposure to our investment arm, and our acquisition and development arms, further diversifying their investment.


Our goal with acquisitions is to find opportunities within esports that significantly contribute to our portfolio, adds strong value for our shareholders, and pushes the esports industry forward. Progression of the industry is not only a mutually beneficial outcome, but our responsibility as gaming industry veterans. As we acquire a new company that we’ve determined has a solid leadership team, an innovative product, and an exciting roadmap, New Wave Esports becomes fully responsible for every aspect of the company, from marketing to operations, and solely responsible to grow their audiences and revenue.


The goal of our in-house development focuses on developing tools and solutions in the near future to meet the growing needs of the esports industry with innovation and creativity.



If you are interested in collaborating or partnering, we would love to hear from you. We are also looking for evolving esports companies to invest in. We’re growing rapidly and we maintain an open channel of communication.


Contact us today to learn how we can work together.