Executive Team

The New Wave Esports Management Team is composed of hand-selected heavy-hitting, but nimble industry veterans who are well-equipped to take on every challenge posed to them. Their proficiency impacts with effectiveness like a well-maintained shotty in a close-quarters encounter. Each one of New Wave Esports' leaders is an expert in what they do and vital to our success.


Trumbull Fisher // President & Managing Partner

Trumbull holds a B.A. in Law and is qualified with over 15 years of capital markets experience. He has contributed to some of the largest financial institutions in Canada by raising $3B+ in capital and has cofounded financial companies and investment funds. In previous positions, Trumbull was Co-Founder, COO, and Head of Trading for a hedge fund.


Daniel Mitre // Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner


Daniel has 17+ years experience in video

game marketing, developer and player

communications, and building large-scale

communities for AAA franchises, including esports and competitive gaming experiences.  He has led large-scale campaigns and community programs for Electronic Arts, Sega of America, THQ, Music Mastermind, Spin Master Studios, and Sierra Online. Daniel is also an Advisor to Tiidal Gaming, to The Tech Society, and Co- Founder and CMO of Thunderbolt CDG.


Tiffany Lee // Chief Financial Officer

Tiffany holds a B.B.A. Honors from Wilfrid Laurier University. She currently holds a position as a Controller at High Hampton Holdings Corp. (CSE:HC). In previous roles, she was Senior Staff Accountant at Constellation Software Inc. and

Intermediate Staff Accountant at Hub


Our Partners


*Acting solely as external legal counsel.

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