NWE: Esports Growth 2019

2019 was a huge year in the world of esports. Both audience and revenue increased tremendously and this trend is only expected to continue through 2020.

NWE Acquisition News – Activate Entertainment – EP012

Activate is a creative management and production services company that specializes in esports events and activations. With operations in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV, Activate offers full 360 turnkey solutions for professional, high-quality livestreams.

Talon Esports at Capcom Cup

Talon Esports participated in two major Street Fighter tournaments towards the end of 2019. The first was the North American Regional Finals Open Tournament which Hotdog29 was able to secure his second premier win of the 2019 season. Hotdog29 then went on to compete in the Capcom Cup 2019 Finals as Hong Kong’s first ever representative for the CPT finals. His final placing 13th out of 25 was a massive achievement for himself and the Talon team. Congrats to Hotdog29 and everyone at Talon Esports!

Lets Make Big Moves 2020 Highlight

Let’s Make Big Moves, The Even Matchup Gaming Super Smash Bros. S-Tier Major, was held in New York in the 10,000 sq ft venue at the legendary New Yorker Hotel. It featured several tournaments including Smash Ultimate 1v1, Squad Strike, and 2v2. Over 1000 people attended with 750 participants while 344,000 plus fans tuned in to watch live on Twitch.

EMG Making Big Moves in 2020

CEO, Dan Mitre, talks about portfolio company Even Matchup Gaming and their hugely successful start to 2020 with their first S-Tier Super Smash Bros. major, Let’s Make Big Moves and all of the upcoming “big moves” they will be making.

NWE Podcast – EP10 – 2019 Esports News

CEO, Dan Mitre, discusses some year ending 2019 esports and gaming news.

The NWE Podcast – EP09 – Asia Pacific Expansion w/Jarrett Hasson

CEO, Dan Mitre, talks with NWE Head of Asia Business Development, Jarrett Hasson, about the history of esports in Asia and New Wave Esports plans to expand into the market.

We’ve Gone Public!!! – Episode 2

CEO of New Wave Esports, Dan Mitre, further discuss the road to taking the company public on the CSE, their portfolio companies and the NWE global expansion plans.

We’ve Gone Public! – NWE now listed on the CSE

CEO, Dan Mitre talks about the road to taking NWE public on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

New Wave Esports at ESI LONDON – Diversifying Your Investments in Esports

Dan Mitre, CEO of New Wave Esports, guides the ESI London audience through the current esports ecosystem at-large, the various sectors of revenue growth opportunities, and how we can push the esports industry forward together.

Exciting Day for New Wave Esports as it Lists on the CSE

Dan Mitre, CEO & Managing Partner of New Wave Esports, spoke to James West at MidasLetter about the portfolio of companies and teams that New Wave has assembled.

New Wave Esports Podcast
“The Esports Industry”

Along with guest SkyMcSparkle, Dan Mitre and Trumbull Fisher discuss what is so exciting about esports and why now is such a good and smart time to start investing in it.

Get On My Level 2019 Highlights

GOML 2019 Esports event at Toronto, May 17th – 19th. Get On My Level is organized, produced and broadcasted by Even Matchup Gaming.

Get On My Level 2019 – Day 2 Highlights

GOML 2019 – Canada’s biggest fighting game tournaments – by EvenMatchupGaming

New Wave Esports Interview with CEO Dan Mitre on Midas Letter

New Wave Esports Featured on Midas Letter as CEO Dan Mitre answers questions about the growing esports industry and New Wave Esports’ position in the North American market.

New Wave Esports at Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” Highlight Reel

New Wave Esports joined Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” in Toronto, Ontario in April 2019 with interviews featuring CEO Dan Mitre and President Trumbull Fisher.

New Wave Esports Presentation at Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” Event

CEO Daniel Mitre introduced New Wave Esports to an investor and capital markets audience at Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” event in Toronto on April 24th, 2019.

Interview with CEO Dan Mitre at Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” Event

CEO Dan Mitre provides insight on New Wave Esports’ positioning within esports and the capital markets.

Interview with President Trumbull Fisher at Grit Capital’s “Esports in Capital Markets” Event

President Trumbull Fisher provides insight on New Wave Esports’ while attending the Grit Capital “Esports in Capital Markets” event.

New Wave Esports Interview with CEO Daniel Mitre on GritCast Podcast

New Wave Esports interview with CEO Daniel Mitre on the Grit Capital Podcast about the emerging esports and competitive gaming industry.

GritCAMP 2019 Interview: Dan Mitre, CEO of New Wave Esports

Grit Capital’s interview with CEO Dan Mitre to discuss New Wave Esports at the annual GritCAMP 2019 Millennial Investors Conference in Muskoka, ON!