About Us

About Us

We are an investment company with the goal of elevating the entire industry of esports and competitive gaming. We provide capital and advisory services to esports organizations, teams, leagues, events, platforms, tools, and technology innovators.

Each one of New Wave Esports’ leaders is an expert, industry veteran in what they do and vital to our success. We know this industry inside and out and see where there is growth happening now and where there will be in the near and far future.

We are not your traditional financial group. If you’re looking for investment, New Wave Esports is here to assist. If you want to put your money into the world of esports, New Wave Esports is here to assist with that as well. Helping grow and shape this industry we love while benefiting from its continued success is why we exist.


Support unique ideas through ethical, socially responsible, inclusive, and honest relationships.

Vision Statement

To drive, energize, and accelerate the global growth of esports and competitive gaming, including affiliated companies, organizations, and technologies with the goal of enhancing experiences for players, fans, industry professionals, and investors.

Mission Statement

We believe esports and competitive gaming are the future of lifestyle and entertainment. We play a pivotal role in enhancing all aspects of the industry for existing fans, players and associated organizations. We do this by opening the doors of opportunity for future growth in esports and competitive gaming.



Daniel Mitre

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Daniel has 17+ years experience in video game marketing, developer and player communications, and building large-scale communities for AAA franchises, including esports and competitive gaming experiences. He has led global campaigns and community programs for Electronic Arts, Sega of America, THQ, Music Mastermind, Spin Master Studios, and Sierra Online. Daniel is also an Advisor to Tiidal Gaming, an Advisor to The Tech Society, and Co-Founder of Thunderbolt CDG.

Quote: “Gaming has shaped who I am. It’s given me opportunities to witness a reality I could have only imagined, and now I want to share that success with those who are also looking for it!”

Trumbull Fisher

President & Managing Partner
Trumbull holds a B.A. in Law and is qualified with over 15 years of capital markets experience. He has contributed to some of the largest financial institutions in Canada by raising significant amounts of capital and has co- founded financial companies and investment funds. In previous positions, Trumbull was Co-Founder, COO, and Head of Trading for a hedge fund.

Quote: “I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most talented professionals in capital markets and building successful financial companies. As we combine this success with the esports industry, which has some of the most passionate people involved, we see an ideal environment for growth and leadership in a quickly expanding space.”

Tiffany Lee


Tiffany holds a B.B.A. Honors from Wilfrid Laurier University. She currently holds a position as a Controller at Mojave Jane Brands Inc. In previous roles, she was Senior Staff Accountant at Constellation Software Inc. and Intermediate Staff Accountant at Hub International.

Jarrett Hasson

Head of Asia Business Development

Jarrett has been an investment professional for the past 19 years, the past six with an Asian based family office. Previously, he worked for a number of Canada’s leading alternative asset managers in portfolio management roles and in 2013 with his partner won the Lipper Award for top hedge fund in Canada. Prior to portfolio management, Jarrett worked for Canada’s leading investment bank structuring mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising mandates.

Jarrett has an MBA from the Queens School of Business, an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea) and an Honors BA from Western University and Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia). He holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation.


Neil Duffy

Chief Commercial Officer of WorldGaming.com
Director of Tiidal Gaming.

Stan Press

14+ years experience in gaming and esports as a former competitor turned Sr. marketer, partnerships, and business development.

Taylor Ward

Former entrepreneur in the gaming space with experience in startup financing, technology, and event design.

Manny Anekal

15+ years of experience within Gaming and Esports with executive roles at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Kiip and Major League Gaming. Currently involved in the Esports ecosystem through The Next Level and Versus Consulting.

Lance Mudd

Founding member and Sport Director of USEF. As Sport Director and Executive Board member, he oversees the USEF qualifying series to support USA Esports to compete at the 11th IESF eSports World Championship, as well as leading all-new development and partnership of USEF activities with International and NGB’s.


richard carl

Mr. Carl has extensive experience in serving as a board member and in executive roles for private and public companies in a number of industries including, oil and gas, real estate, financial services, power generation and mining. He currently sits on the board of directors of Clearview Resources, Dealnet Capital Corp., a TSX-V listed consumer finance company and is on the board of trustees of InvestPlus REIT, a private real estate investment trust based in Calgary.

Jeffrey Stevens

Over 18 years of professional experience in the Canadian capital markets. He has worked on the retail-side of the fence as an Assistant Investment Advisor, on the buy-side as an Arbitrage Trader at a Hedge Fund, and on the sell-side in both a Sales and Trading capacity.

Byron coulthard

Chairman of the Board of BRS Resources LTD.

Trumbull fisher

President of New Wave Esports.

clayton fisher

10+ years of experience as an Investment Advisor in the financial services industry..