It’s the New Wave Esports 2020 Company Update!

It’s the New Wave Esports 2020 Company Update!

We’re barely into 2020 and New Wave Esports has so much exciting news to share with all of our awesome supporters and investors. We got out a press release today detailing it all here. These are major highlights from our growing portfolio companies. 

Even Matchup Gaming Inc. continues to expand across North America supporting events throughout the United States and Canada. They continue to support the Fighting Game Community (FGC) with the production of monthly and weekly high quality events by hosting tournaments that support Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear and Under Night In-Birth. One of their largest and most popular events, Get On My Level, Canada’s biggest national fighting game tournament will be held on May 15th – 17th 2020 in the heart of Downtown Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel & Convention Centre. 

Talon Esports Limited is running teams to compete in multiple triple-A games, as well as associated esports tournaments. Going into the 2020 esports tournament seasons, Talon will be running the following teams – League of Legends in the Pacific Championship Series (Taiwan), Arena of Valor in ROV Pro League Season 5 (Thailand), Overwatch in Contenders Pacific (Korea), Rainbow Six Siege in Korea Open Season 1 (Korea), Street Fighter V in Capcom Pro Tour 2020 (Hong Kong) and Tekken 7 in Tekken World Tour (Korea and Thailand). 

They also recently announced new athletes & coaches. 

  • League of Legends new athletes:
    • Hanabi
    • Candy
    • Kaiwing
    • Unified
    • River
  • 2 New Coaches
    • BigFaFa, Head Coach
    • Saroo – Assistant Coach
  • 6 New Overwatch Athletes
    • D3CAL
    • Arrow
    • Piggy
    • Think
    • Swoon
    • Dotori

And finally, portfolio company Avatar One Esports Capital Corp. has invested in Real Time Games Holdings Limited, owners and operators of Luckbox. Luckbox is expanding their wage betting platform capabilities to include, among other things, additional language support and user acquisition partnerships, as well as an advanced bonus tool. 

Luckbox provides real-money esports betting on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and more leading games to esports fans in more than 100 territories.

In less than 12 months in operation, Luckbox was nominated Esports Operator of the Year.

Going into 2020 the company has plans for additional languages and user acquisition partnerships, advanced bonusing tool, and CRM lifecycles and bank transfer in Canada.

“The business development progress and product expansion of our portfolio companies is instrumental to the growth of New Wave Esports”, said Dan Mitre, CEO of New Wave Esports. “New Wave Esports is supporting the needs of our various teams as EMG, Talon, and Avatar (via Luckbox) continue to expand their services and further develop their respective capabilities. The advancement of each company directly contributes to our success, as well as the rise of esports on a global scale.”

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