Talon esports adds 2 new coaches and 5 new athletes!

Talon esports adds 2 new coaches and 5 new athletes!

Talon Esports just kicked off 2020 with huge news! They announced 5 new athletes and 2 new coaches to the team. We’d like to join Talon in welcoming Head Coach, BigFaFa and Assistant Coach, Sarro along with new athletes Hanabi, Candy, Kaiwing, Unified and River.

New Wave Esports is constantly looking at the whole esports ecosystem and all the diversity this industry has to offer. Teams and overall team development is a big part of this ecosystem and the reason why Talon Esports is such an integral part of the foundation of NWE. We always want to associate ourselves with the pure fun and excitement around the competition, gaming, and community of esports. We’re excited to help Talon go even further in 2020 and are grateful to have them as a partner.   

This exciting news is aligned with the overall objectives and motives Talon has for 2020. As Talon pushes forward into the new year, it’s important to let the industry and potential sponsors know that “We [Talon] have been successful in recruiting the best coaches and players within the region such as the LPL, LMS, CK and LJL. With this heavy investment, our objectives are to secure Championships and represent the PCS at major international events including Rift Rivals, MSI and Worlds. Many publications are already tipping that we may be able to secure champions for the upcoming Spring Split.” says Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports.

For more information on Talon Esports, download the one sheet here

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