Giveaway Contest!

Giveaway Contest!

We truly appreciate all the support we’ve received since forming New Wave Esports and taking the company public in 2019 and are excited about the continued growth and opportunities coming in 2020 that will allow us to contribute to an industry we are passionate about. To thank you all we are hosting an Investor Giveaway Contest to start the New Year!

Everything you need to know about the giveaway including rules and entry instructions can be found here. Good luck!: 

New Wave Esports is hosting a giveaway contest that will reward contest entrants who watch our ads running on BNN Bloomberg TV Channel in Canada as per the schedule depicted in the image below. One winner a day for twelve days between January 2nd and 13th will be chosen. The winners will be chosen based on the rules described below.

Contest Rules:

  1. 1. Make sure to watch the New Wave Esports ad on BNN Bloomberg by referring to the ad schedule above.
  2. 2. Share the photo or video of the TV ad on your Social media account and Tag @NewWaveEsport on Twitter.
  3. 3. Include #contest along with any of the following additional hashtags in your Tweet: #NewWaveEsports, #NWES #Esports 
  4. 4. Skill question: Once your entry is received we will ask you a simple skill-based question that you will have to answer correctly to validate your entry. QUESTION: Divide 100 by 5 ║ Multiply by 3 ║ Add 7 ║ Subtract 25
  5. 5. 12 winners will be selected, once a day, between Jan 2 and Jan 13. Contest entrants who abided by the guideline will be chosen at random and receive a Keg Steakhouse gift voucher worth $50 each.
  6. 6. Only one entry per user will be entertained
  7. 7. By participating in the contest, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms & Conditions. So make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you enter. 


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