1 Billion Strong and Growing: The Esports Audience Breakdown

1 Billion Strong and Growing: The Esports Audience Breakdown

The esports audience is growing rapidly. According to an early 2019 report from Newzoo, a global leader in esports analytics, the global esports audience will grow to 453.8 million worldwide in 2019, a year-on-year growth of +15.0%. Another report by Simon Kemp at The Next Web says it has almost reached 1 billion viewers worldwide already. That’s a growth of 50% in 12 months.

Either way you look at it, these are impressive numbers. But, who is actually watching? What does this audience look like? Here is a general snapshot of what we know.

These are some incredible statistics. Esports attracts the most sought after demographic for marketers and brands and the audience growth is mind blowing with a global audience total nearing $2.7B!

So, that’s an idea of who, but what about the how? How do brands reach them and where? A great report by Global Web Index breaks this down.

Despite the fact that esports is overwhelmingly grounded in online viewing with an audience mindset of digital first, esports fans do actually watch traditional TV, with only 3% exclusively watching online TV. According to the report, this audience clocks up an average of 1 ¾ hours on their TV sets per day. That’s roughly 640 hours a year. But, what makes them especially interesting is that they’re now devoting almost as much time per day to online TV as they are to traditional TV. Esports fans are spending over 30 minutes more per day watching online TV than the average internet user, and with each passing quarter we see this climb.

Where they spend their time online in the U.S. is no big surprise, Twitch and YouTube Gaming. In China it’s Douyu and Panda TV. The strength of these services lies in the community offerings that resemble a social networking platform as much as one for video content.

And if you’re a brand trying to get your message in front of this audience, here’s some guidance on how best to spend your money, time and effort.

A final and very interesting insight from the Global Web Index report is how to build stability for investors in the industry. Not surprisingly, the data and advice points to following the lead of traditional sports:

“9 in 10 esports fans already watch at least one of our 31 tracked sports competitions online or on TV, showing a level of familiarity with traditional sports competition models. Esports adopting these models should allow for it to become more accessible for those looking to follow its competitions. Restructuring and franchising will encourage investment, increased media coverage and new sponsorships, as well as foster longterm talent within each team.” (Global Web Index Report)

We could not agree more, and the focus of New Wave Esports has always been on providing stability and creating a reliable structure within the esports industry that encourages investment along with providing a much better experience for the fans. Our current portfolio, upcoming acquisition of Even Matchup Gaming (EMG) and plans for future expansion set us up for success as we continue to adopt the same principles detailed in this report. We are continually garnering insights from the esports audience and hard data to create unforgettable and profitable experiences for everyone involved.

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