We’ve Gone Public! – A Message From Our CEO

We’ve Gone Public! – A Message From Our CEO

On Monday October 28th New Wave Esports began public trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol NWES and we could not be more thrilled. As you might imagine, it was a long road getting here filled with lots of emotions, education and challenges. But, we’re here and ready to open the doors to the public and allow fans, players, associated organizations, and communities from around the world to invest in the esports and competitive gaming industry.

Let no one fool you, taking a company public is a Herculean effort that required orchestrated focus from our executives, legal team, marketing, human resources, finance, and other support systems including outside agencies. There were personal background checks, portfolio accuracies and financial projections, corporate messaging and vision, and the pre and post-public strategy we had to lock down. The amount of resources, time, and funds necessary to take a company public can certainly discourage a young, budding company, but with the right leadership and structure in place it’s possible to achieve such a milestone. It was a massive team effort getting to this point.

Going public is a beautiful feather to keep in the hat, but it isn’t for everyone. There was a great amount learned from this endeavor. Having a bulletproof business structure and model in place prior to going public is a must. Maintaining a private company has it’s pros (such as not having to publicly disclose performance, not being accountable to shareholders, navigating and making decisions based on internal needs), but does not allow for continued public investment growth. A strong business plan that takes into consideration public participation allows us to further expand and fuel our portfolio with the growth of the esports industry.

So, what does this all mean for New Wave Esports? A big one here is exposure to global markets, meaning not only can worldwide investors now invest in esports, but it also means that we are benefiting from new investment opportunities and marketing avenues in North America, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world where we didn’t have visibility before. As shares are traded, this opens more capital flow for NWE to reinvest into our current portfolio and pursue our expansion objectives. We are keenly focused on portfolio performance, contributing to our current portfolio as operators with the aim of business operation excellence and dialing up on revenue streams. We will also continue our portfolio expansion, adding to it as we identify new teams, organizations, events, tournament operators, platforms, networks, and tools that push esports forward. And lastly, our global expansion will allow us to open business development units in new key regions such as our recently announced Asia Business Department being led by investment professional and expert, Jarrett Hasson, for a truly global footprint.

More importantly, for the Investor, being publicly traded means the esports community can now build the esports industry with us. This opens up previously inaccessible investment opportunities for investors of all backgrounds. Investors now have access to an esports ecosystem, as opposed to investing in a single company. Trading at accessible share prices allows everyone to invest, no matter the investment fund they are working with, to begin tapping into this fast growing industry.

The continued growth and expansion of New Wave Esports will bring new opportunities within capital markets and will continue to contribute to an industry we are passionate about.

Dan Mitre
CEO, New Wave Esports

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