Lazarus Esports Wins 3.45 million at the Fortnite World Cup Final

Lazarus Esports Wins 3.45 million at the Fortnite World Cup Final

On July 26 – 28, 2019, Epic Games hosted the Fortnite World Cup Finals in Flushing, New York, where thousands of fans gathered to see who would be crowned the world’s best Fortnite player. Among the many participants that left the event victorious, Lazarus Esports, Tiidal Gaming Group’s competitive gaming division, earned a total of $3.45 million in winnings at the conclusion of the event. Consequently, this achievement positioned Lazarus Esports as the top esports team in North America according to earnings. 

“I am extremely proud of the performances from Lazarus Esports at the Fortnite World Cup,” says Charlie Watson, CEO of Tiidal Gaming Group. “The success over the course of the event would not be possible without the dedication and hard work from all of our members.”

Lazarus Esports at Fortnite World Cup

In total, a $30 million prize pool was up for grabs across various competitions, including:

  • Solo Event: $3 Million Grand Prize
  • Duo Event: $3 Million Grand Prize
  • Pro-AM (Charity Event): $1 Million Grand Prize 

Lazarus Esports’ Fortnite team members David Jong, AKA “Rojo”, and Jaden Ashman, AKA “Wolfiez”, competed in the duo category of the tournament and climbed into second place in the final, winning a $2.25 million prize.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, July 28, fellow team member Nate Kou, AKA “Kreo”, secured a fourth-place finish in the solo tournament at the Fortnite World Cup, taking home a $1.05 million cash prize.

Kou, age 18 from Parkland, Florida, said, “Playing on this level has been huge and such a rush. It’s even better being able to share this with teammates.”

The remaining members of the Lazarus team competed and collectively took home $200,000.

“We are proud of the monumental achievement and stellar performance the Lazarus athletes have demonstrated at this year’s Fortnite World Cup,” says Dan Mitre, CEO of New Wave Esports. “We are excited about the possibilities this opens as Tiidal Gaming and New Wave Esports continues to grow our footprints in our competitive gaming communities. The collective success is a catalyst for the esports industry and establishes Tiidal Gaming as a leading organization.”

Overall, the event was a massive success not only for the Fortnite Franchise but the Esports industry on the whole. The 23,700 seat venue was sold out and an impressive 2.3 million viewers tuned into the live stream on Twitch and YouTube.

While esports competitions are not a new phenomenon in the gaming landscape, the Fortnite World Cup is one of the first to propel esports tournaments into mainstream media. From the days leading up to the event, the magnitude of the Fortnite World Cup has been covered by a multitude of media outlets, including NBC News, Today, and has been discussed on late-night television including the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Additionally, the Fortnite World Cup’s prize pool is the second-largest prize pool in the history of esports, the first belonging to The International 9 featuring DotA 2 who’s prize pool has surpassed $32 million. By comparison, The Fortnite World Cup ranks highly among some notable traditional sports and competitions prize pools, including:

  • FIFA Women’s Cup – $30 Million Prize Pool
  • Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament – $2.9 Million Grand Prize 
  • Indy 500 – $2.6 Million Grand Prize
  • PGA Masters Tournament – $2.07 Million Grand Prize
  • Tour de France – $556,000 Grand Prize

Congratulations to all the winners of the Fortnite World Cup Finals. We are thrilled to see what’s next for Esports as the Fortnite World Cup is only a glimpse at the industry’s potential.


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