Catching the Wave in Q2 of 2019

Catching the Wave in Q2 of 2019

Catching the Wave in Q2 of 2019

In the past 3 months, New Wave Esports invested in three exciting companies that are increasingly gaining popularity in the emerging esports industry. In this blog post, we would like to provide more information about our portfolio companies.

Even Matchup Gaming

Even Matchup Gaming (EMG) is the largest competitive gaming tournaments organizer in Toronto and the Tri-State area. The Company facilitates online and live tournaments, leagues and gaming ladders, while also acting as a social community for competitive gamers around the world.

Why We Invested in EMG 

+ EMG has been an operator in the gaming community since 2012, and is the premier destination for competitive and passionate gamers, with over 500 events hosted on the regional and national scale including Canada’s large fighting game tournament “Get On My Level” (GOML) and Tristate’s largest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event “Let’s Make Moves” (LMM). 

+ EMG hosts 82 events per year with an average of 7.4k attendees and the company established strong partnerships with Nintendo, Redbull, BENQ, and more.

+ EMG’s social media audience increased from 45K in 2017 to 70K in 2018 and event viewership increased from 5.5M in 2017 to 8.1M in 2018. 

+ New Wave Esports owns a large equity stake and has secured two advisory board seats in the company. New Wave Esports is also interested in the full acquisition of EMG as the company’s revenue is expected to grow 3x in the next two years.

The Upcoming GOML Event’s Outdoor Ads | May 17th-19th 2019 Toronto, ON


Co-Owned by UFC Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping, PlayLine’s mission is to make fantasy sports for everyone – by simplifying the process, focusing on the super star players you know and love, and by offering the biggest cash prizes in all of daily fantasy sports.

Why We Invested in PlayLine

+ PlayLine is partnering with Twitch Rivals and they are expanding their business focus into esports &and competitive gaming.

+ PlayLine’s executive team is formed by Aaron Avruskin and Jason Falovitch, both connected and successful leaders who are managing a talented team of developers and social media marketeers.

+ PlayLine generated $7M gross revenue up to date and $1.6M alone in the last quarter of 2018. The platform has 162K users and the user base is constantly growing.

+ PlayLine is planning to become a public company in Canada in 2019.

PlayLine is selected as one of the best Fantasy Sports Platforms in 2019


Tiidal is a Canada-based professional esports and entertainment organization with a track record of success in competitive gaming and operational excellence through ownership and management of professional teams.

Why We Invested in Tiidal

+ Tiidal owns Team Lazarus which has more than 1.2M followers across social media channels and popular livestreaming platforms.

+ Team Lazarus is undoubtedly one the most valuable teams in Canada and their roster includes one of the best female esports teams in North America.

+ Tiidal recently announced NHL Hall of Famer Mike Modano as an investor and newly appointed brand ambassador. (Source:

+ Tiidal is planning to become a public company in Canada in 2019. 

Lazarus is one of the best esports teams in Canada.

We watched the winnings of Lazarus against the best PUBG teams in North America in an event held at Manhattan Beach, California.

Going Forward

With all the investments and new developments that we are working on, we certainly believe that New Wave Esports is positioning itself as a pioneering esports investment company in North America. 

This gives us an ability to transform the industry landscape and also positively change the lives of many young gaming enthusiasts and students who are dreaming about building their future on what they love: Competitive Gaming.

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